Rates for selected advances are available here. In addition to those listed below, the Bank offers several other products and structures. Please contact the Money Desk at 800-357-3452 or your relationship manager at 888-424-3863 for specific funding needs and customized solutions. 

Our Member Financial Strategies Group is available to help members structure FHLB advances to meet their unique funding needs. The group provides funding strategy models to help hedge interest-rate risk and maximize profitability. To discuss your institution’s overall sensitivity position, strategy objectives, and customized funding strategies, please call Kevin Martin, vice president, member financial strategies manager, at 617-292-9644. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 10:00 a.m. to 11 a.m., the Money Desk offers discounted rates on advances with one-, two-, three-, and six-month terms, giving members a regular opportunity to book short-term funding at discounted levels.