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The FHLB Boston Solution Center offers a broad range of tools, case studies, and articles to help you achieve your goals

Solutions for Long-Term Funding In the second quarter of 2014, net interest margin among community banks increased by eight basis points — a strong rebound from the nine basis points the margin shrank during the first quarter of the year.


Funding 5-Year CRE Loans As commercial real estate lending returns to pre-recession levels, the Bank is seeing an increase in requests for funding strategies.

Member Interviews
(video): Bank advances provide a key source of funding for First Citizens' Federal Credit Union of Fairhaven, Massachusetts.


New Funding Strategy Models Looking to fund loans or securities with advances? A Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston funding-strategy model can help you develop strategies to hedge interest-rate risk and maximize profitability.

Member Interviews (video): A community bank's strategy to revive a slumping economy

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Member Driven Advances Loughlin At Workers' Credit UnionCleary, vice president / relationship manager at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, and Tim Smith, senior vice president/chief financial officer and treasurer at member Workers' Credit Union, discuss how a specific term proposed by Mr. Smith led to a recent long-term advance special offered by the Bank.

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Funding Long-Term Mortgage-Backed Securities In this video interview, learn how the Bank recently provided member Bank of Easton with a strategy for funding long-term mortgage-backed securities with a combination of one month, three-year, and five-year advances.


Collateral Tutorials Have questions Houseabout the Bank's collateral policies? "Reporting Sub-Prime Loans" and "Listing Residential Loan Collateral" are part of a series of tutorials to help members make more efficient use of their collateral.

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