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Financial institutions are vital community resources in creating broadly based opportunities for families and individuals to have adequate housing and vibrant, productive communities. Through services to such institutions located throughout New England, the Bank pursues its mission of facilitation and enhancing the availability of credit for housing and economic growth, including the housing finance and neighborhood development needs of low- and moderate-income families in communities served by our member institutions.

To accomplish its mission, the Bank prudently and effectively utilizes private-sector capital to provide members and other qualified customers with reliable access to low-cost wholesale funds, liquidity, and competitive outlet for the sale of loans, special lending programs, education and technical assistance, and other products and services. The Bank offers its members the following options for funding affordable housing and economic development:

Affordable Housing Program
The Affordable Housing Program (AHP) supports the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston’s efforts to address, in partnership with member institutions, the affordable-housing needs of communities across New England. A portion of the Bank’s earnings funds the program, which awards grant and low-interest advances, or loans, through member institutions. The program provides financing for homeownership and rental housing for households with incomes at or below 80 percent of the median income for the area.

Equity Builder Program
The Equity Builder Program (EBP) offers members grants to provide households with incomes less than 80 percent of the area median income with down-payment, closing-cost, home-buyer counseling, and rehabilitation assistance. Members can also use EBP grants to match eligible buyers’ savings. The EBP is funded by a percentage of the Bank’s annual AHP subsidy.

Community Development Advance Program
Whether a community needs capital for small business, fixed-rate financing for affordable housing, or improvements to local roads or schools, members can turn to the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston’s Community Development Advance Program. These advances, which are subject to specific income limits, are available through two separate application options that help support community development activities: CDA Extra and CDA.

New England Fund
The New England Fund (NEF) provides member financial institutions with advances to support housing and community-development initiatives that benefit moderate-income households and neighborhoods. The NEF serves a broader range of moderate-income households than the Bank’s Community Development Advance and provides special flexibility for mixed-income residential development.













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