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In recent years, insurance company membership has been growing as firms increasingly recognize the value of FHLB Boston products and services.

Benefits of Membership for Insurance Companies

  • Ready-access, reliable, and low-cost source of funds, regardless of business cycle
  • Asset-liability management, offering strategies for matching/repricing, and funding asset growth
  • Operational liquidity, including short-term funding of normal business activities
  • Operating leverage, providing a competitive alternative to GICs and other funding agreements that can be used to support specific assets
  • Contingent liquidity as a means to increase back-up liquidity and financial flexibility
  • Access to grants and targeted financing through the Affordable Housing Program and Community Development advances.
"FHLB programs provide financial flexibility for insurance company members and are an attractive source of capital because of the low rates offered on advances."

©A.M. Best Company - used with permission


Companies domiciled or with a principal place of business in one of the six New England states are eligible for membership in FHLB Boston. Insurance company members must also:

  • be duly organized by a state or federal agency as an insurance company
  • be subject to inspection and regulation
  • make long-term home mortgage loans (includes purchasing and holding mortgage-backed securities)
  • demonstrate character of management and sound financial condition.

Capital Stock

When an institution's application is approved, it must purchase capital stock. The Bank's capital stock carries a fixed par value of $100 per share and pays a quarterly dividend determined by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston's board of directors.

FHLB Boston Insurance Company Members (as of March 1, 2015)

Aetna Life Insurance Company
A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Company
American European Insurance Company
Arbella Mutual Insurance
Barnstable County Mutual Insurance Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, HMO Blue, Inc.
Commerce Insurance Company
Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company
CW Reinsurance Company
Depositors Insurance Fund
Dorchester Mutual Insurance Company
Fitchburg Mutual Insurance Company
Hanover Insurance Company
Hartford Life Insurance
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
ICI Mutual Insurance Company
Ironshore Specialty Insurance Company
Lexington Insurance Company
Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company (Coverys)
MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut
MHL Reinsurance, LTD
National Life Insurance Company
Norfolk and Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Pedcor Insurance Company
Peerless Insurance Company
Prudential Retirement Insurance Annuity Company
Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Safety Insurance Company
Savings Bank Life Insurance Company
Unum Life Insurance
Vantis Life Insurance Company
Vermont Mutual Insurance Company



FHLB System Insurance Company Membership

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To learn how our products are able to support your company's funding strategy and overall objectives, please contact Matt Stewart, CPCU, CLU, FLMI, vice president /relationship management, at 617-425-9528 or matt.stewart@fhlbboston.com.




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