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In the event of an emergency, if you are unable to contact Bank staff, please call our main emergency number, 1-888-281-4250. You will be able to leave a message and the appropriate staff member will contact you and offer assistance. You may also try to reach us through the mobile phone numbers and email addresses listed below.

We also encourage you to check www.fhlbboston.com for the most up-to-date information in the event of an emergency.

 Additonal Email and Emergency Numbers

Customer Service: 888-281-4250 notifybankops@fhlbboston.com
(including safekeeping and wire transfers)
Member Services:
  Susan Elliott 617-694-5081 susan.elliott@fhlbboston.com
  Ana Dyer 508-965-0317 ana.dyer@fhlbboston.com
  Loughlin Cleary 617-645-8785 loughlin.cleary@fhlbboston.com
  Steve McHugh 617-823-2229 stephen.mchugh@fhlbboston.com
  Maria Nichols 617-694-5191 maria.nichols@fhlbboston.com
  Matt Stewart 857-268-1035 matt.stewart@fhlbboston.com
Mortgage Partnership Finance:
  Paul Pouliot 617-429-8208 paul.pouliot@fhlbboston.com
  Bill Dolan 617-694-2617 william.dolan@fhlbboston.com
  Mark Sullivan 617-694-2655 mark.sullivan@fhlbboston.com
Money Desk:   888-281-4250 moneydesk@fhlbboston.com

Emergency Funding

If you have an immediate funding need and cannot reach Bank staff through normal or emergency telephone numbers, please contact the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka, at 1-800-809-2733. As part of our disaster preparedness plans, the Federal Home Loan Banks of Topeka and Boston serve as each other’s backup in the event of an emergency that renders the Banks unable to operate normally.


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